we take what we can get

Why are you doing this? You know what blood does to me. Because you let it control you. You always have.


Stefan Appreciation Week;
     Day 1: Why you love Stefan.

Because he’s not good — but he tries to be. He’s killed and enjoyed killing far too many people to ever be ‘good’, but he’s not ‘bad' either. Despite what Lexi has led him to believe, it's not as black and white as that. He's done so many bad things but he turned his life around and tried to change. He made the choice to try and do better. He stopped feeding on humans altogether — completely changed his diet and risked his own life in the process — all so he wouldn’t risk killing anymore people. That’s why I love him; because he’s dark and complicated and the inner workings of his mind are too complex to just say ‘he’s good, he feels guilty because he’s hurt people’ (he feels guilty because he enjoyed hurting people too) because that doesn’t give Stefan Salvatore enough justice.

I also love how in his attempt to do better, he developed this ridiculous savior complex. Whether it’s trading places (Jenna, Jeremy, Damon), saving them from themselves (Caroline, Elena, arguably Bonnie) or just literally saving them (everyone) — he’ll do it in a heartbeat. Run into a burning building for the man he spent the whole season wishing would leave? Without a second thought. Willingly give up Elena and his ‘human’ life with her and the illusion of control he’s been fighting to withhold all these years to save his brother’s life? Why would you even doubt that. And then there’s his relationship with Elena; he respects her decisions, he has a mutual understanding with her, and their bond was deeper than just sexual tension. She could be independent with him and he treated her like she was her own person. It doesn’t hurt that he has a rockin’ bod either.


Defan per episode | 2x19

#the vampire diaries #you are 70% water; i am 70% stefan stan #damon the lovestruck idiot #otp: your humanity's showing #no but is this not the best representation of these two boys and how they respond to conflict? #damon stands his ground #damon isn't sorry and even if he was he would never SAY SO #damon digs his feet in and crosses his arms and refuses to yield #stefan is fluid #stefan bends to suit other people's pride and tempers #(he had to. he grew up between his father and damon.) #apologies come naturally to stefan #they are always sitting just on the tip of his tongue #when elijah tells him to apologize he does #and it makes him feel good and strong because elena is looking at him like she's proud and that's (maybe) all he wants #and stefan does it knowing that damon won't #knowing that damon will be seething #knowing that this is where he excels over his brother #he's the good brother #they learned this when they were boys #he's the one who can follow orders and apologize for mistakes and change to suit others #and damon is flashing back to every time stefan effortlessly held their father's approval while damon floundered in rejection #stefan apologizes to elijah because he has to but he looks back at his brother because he's petty #because he wants to remind damon that this why he's not the good brother #this is why he'll never have elena's respect #and that this is why damon's a hypocrite when he says he'll do anything to keep elena safe #he won't do this #he won't give an apology he doesn't mean #he loves her but not that much

"It’s not like I want to rip your head off but I keep being told that if I have one taste, I won’t be able to stop. And although the thought of killing you scares the hell out of me this feeling of hunger that I have inside of me is so much more powerful."