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as requested: a link to my Big Damn Stefan Meta

Title: it’s empty in the valley of your heart: a stefan meta-shaped thing

Wordcount: i don’t want to talk about it (but lj wouldn’t let me put it all in one post, so that gives you an idea)

Warnings: overuse of italics, blatant speculation, unrestrained stanning, and relating too hard to a fictional character

Notes: I worked on this for a few weeks, but it was posted just after 3x11 aired.  Therefore, it is my Stefan thoughts as of January.  It may feel a little dated or different from some things I’ve said more recently here on tumblr.  Understanding Stefan is an ongoing effort for me.  Also, the topic was specifically Stefan and his relationships, so it doesn’t deal with his identity crisis and ripper persona in great detail.

PART 1  |  PART 2  |   PART 3

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