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alaynestone asked: "top 5 stefan scenes"

alright, resisting the urge to rewatch the entire series, make a complete list of all the significant stefan scenes, and then rank them in order to accurately determine my top 5… here’s what i’ve got off the top of my head:

(05) In 1x19, Stefan walking in on Damon telling Elena that he’s been drinking human blood again and then him trying to defend himself to her but failing utterly because she’s looking at him differently and so he can’t keep the act going the way he used to.  (Bonus: The way he rushes to lock himself up in a bathroom (where no one can see him, where he isn’t defined by any of them), looks up in the mirror at his own reflection and then smashes it with his fist.)

(04) In 3x08, Stefan smugly telling Damon, “Your humanity’s showing” and then laughing while his brother beats him into the ground.

(03) In 1x20, Stefan going to see his father while he’s in transition (to apologize, make amends, seek forgiveness) but then KILLING HIM.  (Bonus: Stefan then taking the girl to Damon and making his brother drink too.)

(02) In 2x22, Stefan making the deal with Klaus and being forced to drink blood bag after blood bag to save Damon’s life.  (It might be the happiest he’s ever been.)

(01) In 2x02, Stefan helping Caroline clean the blood off of her and showing her how to control the hunger by having her WATCH HIM.

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